Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our experienced accountants and bookkeepers are ready to assist you with all your bookkeeping and accounting needs.

Services Provided

Our accounting & bookkeeping services include the following:

  • Full cycle bookkeeping, accounting and record keeping
  • Year end financial statements
  • Sorting organizing and scanning of documents
  • Accounts receivable and accounts payable
  • Capital assets and intangible asset management
  • Inventory and work in progress management
  • Monthly, semi monthly or biweekly payroll
  • All CRA information slips
  • Reconciliation of CRA accounts

Our Strengths

  • Provide on site and off-site bookkeeping services.
  • We will sort through all your paper work, organize and scan all bills and receipts so that they are easily accessible
  • Maintain general ledger and all subledgers, reconcile all bank accounts, reconcile, credit card and or loan accounts and provide you with monthly, quarterly or annual financial reports
  • Prepare and maintain audit trail for amounts on financial statements so that proper documentation is available for CRA review during CRA audit

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Why us

  • Focus On Big Picture

Our accountants and bookkeepers take the stress and worries about paper work away from our clients so that they can focus on the big picture and do what they do best, run their businesses without getting bogged down in a shoebox full of information.

  • Go beyond numbers
We go beyond numbers and provide our clients insights on how different styles and approaches could help them in their business. As their business grow, we proactively review their organization structure to minimize tax and help them with liability protection.
  • Help you save time and money
We enjoy working with clients who are well organized and on time. We work with all our clients and find new ways they can get their records organized so that they can save time and reduce bookkeeping costs.

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